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Frame guide

Calculate your frame size and seatpost height

You can quickly and easily figure out your correct frame size, and how high you should position your saddle, through application of the formula below.

It important to sit correctly on the bike in order not to strain the body unnecessarily.
Bikebusters frame guide can guide you to find the frame size and saddle height that fit you the best.


The dimensions on this page are guidelines.

Mnemonic rule

  • A road bikes frame height (measured center-center) should be 67% of the riders inseam.
  • Saddle height, measured from the middle of the crank to the upper edge of the saddle (in extension of the saddle staff) has to be 0,883 of the inner side leg height.
  • When one is sitting in a comfortable position on the bike, one should be able to see the hub behind the steer. If not, the bike is to short.
  • When the pedel arm, is in horizontal position forwards, the pedal axle is supposed to be vertical under the front edge of the knee. The middle of the footpad has to be vertical over the pedal axle.



Recommended frame size, traditional geometry:

MTB min. height

0.00 inches

0.00 cm

MTB max. height

0.00 inches

0.00 cm

Minimum frame height - Race bike


0.00 cm

Racer max. height


0.00 cm


Saddle height guide:

Crank arm length 170 mm

0.00 cm

Crank length 172.5 mm (standard)

0.00 cm

Crank length 175 mm

0.00 cm

All this is to be seen as a guide only. There are lots of exemptions. Thickness of the shoes, height of the pedals, length of leg and size of feet are some of the things that needs to be taken into consideration when adjusting for the correct measures.